Gillcrest prefer to do more than merely pay lip service to the issue of sustainability, or to use it purely as a marketing tool. Sustainability to us means more than using 'Eco' construction methods and tools (although, naturally we do that too).

This unique approach is evident in our holistic approach to development and construction. Starting with land acquisition, Gillcrest believes that the best located sites inherently lend themselves to low carbon output. This comes not only through good transport links and communications, it also manifests in the sense of community and care for the environment that only a well planned development brings.

Throughout our construction processes, health & safety and environmental management are right at the top of our list, delivering not only best practice working methods, but a sense of community involvement and sense of wellbeing throughout the development of the project.

Integral to Gillcrest is the belief that we are doing more than building houses, we recognise that we are building homes for people to live, work and be happy in. All our developments have the benefit of the Gillcrest approach to creating communities, and nowhere is this more apparent than the landscaping around the development.

Only by considering the development as a whole can Gillcrest deliver living, breathing spaces for communities to thrive and grow.