Land Policy



We are fully committed to sustainable development and embracing environmentally sensitive construction. We firmly believe in the sympathetic use of natural materials and resources to create environmentally friendly and energy efficient developments. Our commitment is to provide attractive and sustainable developments in which people want to live / work in for a prolonged period of time.

Gillcrest place great importance on becoming recognised as a sustainable developer to help compliment our growing reputation for high quality bespoke developments. We are implementing a clear strategy to help us reach this objective.

We seek advice from specialists in environmental matters to ensure that the development process is approached in a sustainable way. We utilise the services of architects that specialise in sustainable development to ensure sustainability is at the forefront of the whole design process.

Gillcrest Invest heavily in design and the highest specification to ensure our properties embrace the latest materials and construction methods too. We place great care in the longevity of buildings, encouraging people to live or work at the property longer. We only purchase Brownfield sites where we can achieve a high Eco rating. Gillcrest strive to gain a good eco homes rating on all of our developments with 50% gaining a very good or excellent.

Gillcrest are committed to creating environmentally friendly and energy efficient homes.